Balancing Contrast in Fashion

It’s no secret that fashion trends come and go, but if there is one thing that remains timeless, it is the concept of balance. Balance in fashion involves combining contrasting elements to create a look that has tension and visual interest. This concept can be applied to many aspects of fashion, from color and texture to proportion and style. Let’s explore this timeless concept further by looking at how it was used by iconic figures such as Princess Diana.

Princess Diana’s Style


One of the best examples of balancing contrasts in fashion is Princess Diana’s signature style. The “People’s Princess” was known for her ability to mix luxury with sportswear—something that had not been done before. She often paired tailored blazers with jeans or pleated skirts with sneakers, adding an element of surprise to her wardrobe choices.

Color & Texture

Balance in fashion isn’t limited to just combining different styles; it can also be seen in the way we combine colors and textures. For example, pairing a luxurious dress with a pair of leather boots adds a level of contrast that makes your look stand out from the crowd. Similarly, combining dark tones such as black and navy blue can add a level of sophistication without being overly formal.

Proportion & Silhouette

When it comes to creating balance in your outfit, proportions are key. Pairing oversized sweaters with skinny jeans or maxi skirts with crop tops gives your look an effortless vibe while still maintaining a sense of balance between the two pieces. Another great way to add balance is by playing with silhouettes—for instance, wearing a structured top or blazer over an A-line skirt creates an interesting contrast between the two shapes while still maintaining harmony within the overall look.
As you can see, adding a level of tension through balanced contrasts is essential when it comes to creating interesting looks that stand out from the crowd. Whether you are mixing styles like Princess Diana did or experimenting with different colors and textures, utilizing this timeless concept will help take your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary.
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