1. Cleanse and revive

The HAOMA Earth Scrub, the detoxifying factors of the French green clay will exfoliate your skin, the blue tansy will soothe, and the Chlorella will regenerate new cells. By cleansing your skin’s surface, you are removing the dead skin cells in order to gain the most benefits from your face mask.

2. Face Mask

Taïla Detoxifying Jungle Mask, continuing the night on the detoxifying wave, this mask restores your skin’s balance with its active enzymes and nourishing flora to activate nutrients into the depths of your skin. The most crucial step after a mask is hydrating your skin. Two other rules during your mask moment, never put too much and never leave it on for too long - we tend to think, the longer the better - No. Whether you're prepping for a possible date night, lounging with your girls, or spending the evening solo - you’ll be doing it with a glow.

3. Eye Baggage

Furtuna Skin Porte Per La Vitalità Face & Eye Serum, while you’re in your slumber your puffiness will vanish, your skin will be lifted and toned. Apply this first, serums always go before oils for best results. Wake up loving yourself even more than you did the night before.

4. Hyrdate

Furtuna Skin Restorative Ritual Set, the botanically infused olive oil and nutrient-rich olive leaf water emphasizes your skin’s natural collagen = ageless. Since detoxifying masks leave your skin dry, using an oil is mandatory - oils penetrate deep into the skin, trapping the moisture and keeping toxins out. Paired with the Obsidian Gua Sha Stone, reducing puffiness, contouring, while relaxing the mind and stimulating your skin.

5. Lip love

Give your lips the royal treatment with IPSUM Lip Oil Balm, vitalize your lips with organic native plant oils, esters and waxes that give you long-lasting, soft pillow lips.


6. Sweet Dreams

Drift off with your perfectly nourished skin with HAOMA’s Calming temple balm, calm your body and mind by rubbing it on your nine major pulse points for a dreamy night. The soothing plant extracts can also heal any damaged skin, a calming and restoring duo. The magical blend of, 75mg of CBD for uneasiness and anxiety, American Ginseng for clarity and memory, Chamomile and Lemon balm to heal melancholy and Vetiver and Ylang Ylang to bring you into a deep meditation and sound dreams.


Ines Davrainville