Your skin is your biggest organ so it is extremely important that you take good care of it. It acts as a protectant for the rest of your body and in order to keep it that way, you have to be more conscious about what you put on and in your body.

Taking good care of your skin can prevent premature wrinkles, age spots, and sagging ...and isn’t that the dream?

Get Back to Basics

In order to make the most of your skincare products, there are some basic rules to follow. First and foremost, you should cleanse your skin before applying any product. During the day, the next product you would use is your moisturizer and then an SPF sunscreen. In the evening, you should apply your serums, toners, or other treatments after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Properly Use Your Products

When you find a good skincare product, it’s tempting to use it every day, sometimes twice a day. But don’t do that. Instead, you should follow the instructions on the bottle and use it as directed. You should also find out which products they are ok to use, and which ones they should not be combined with.

Create a Skincare Regimen

Once you find a selection of clean products that work for you, you should create a routine and stick to it. A consistent skincare routine will help keep your skin in its best condition. You will find your skin to be firmer, brighter, and clear of blemishes.

More Natural Ingredients

So many cosmetics and skincare products are filled with chemicals and unnatural ingredients. Even products like fillers and botox have very few natural ingredients. Most brands will promote the fact that they use clean, natural ingredients. Be sure to look at the ingredients of all your skincare products before you make the purchase!

Now that you better understand how to take care of your skin, it’s time to find your new skincare routine. Be sure to take a look at our exclusive selection of skincare products.

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