NUEVE LOS ANGELES has teamed up with Maude to bring you a curated collection of the best personal care essentials. Maude is a sexual wellness brand for the modern woman and man. They offer a great selection of condoms, lubricants, vibrators, and more!

Using sex toys with your partner (or solo) can bring lots of great benefits to your life. It can increase your mood, allow you to get better sleep, and improve your health. Read our guide to learn more about these benefits and more!

Feeling Down? Get Happy, Girlfriend!

When you have sex or masturbate, your body releases endorphins in your brain. These endorphins are hormones that help to boost your mood. Sexual activity can also help to decrease your blood pressure during stressful situations. Next time you’re feeling down, just grab your favorite toy for a quick pick me up.

Give Yourself the Best Night’s Sleep

Sleep is such an important part of our mental and physical health. And having regular orgasms can contribute to a better night’s sleep. For real! For women, sexual activity actually boosts your estrogen levels which enhances your REM sleep. And REM sleep is the sleep we all aim for – that deep sleep that nothing can wake you up from.

Feel Confident in Your Own Skin

Girl, don’t feel ashamed! When you explore yourself with a sex toy you will start to feel more confident in your own skin. Exploring your body by yourself will help you find your pleasure points to make you feel a deeper connection to your own body. Knowing where your pleasure points are will also help you feel more confident during sex with a partner.

Sex Toys = Improved Relationship

Having sex with your partner using sex toys can improve your relationship. Sex toys can increase pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom for both partners, which can lead to a more significant physical and emotional connection.

Increase Your Overall Health

Everything from your heart to your immune system can improve with regular sexual activity. Studies have shown that sexually active women have a lower risk of cardiac events later in life. Blood pressure has also been known to decrease in sexually active women.

These are just a few of the great benefits you can get from using sex toys. Aside from being a lot of fun to use, they can also improve your life, relationships, and health.

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